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HBCU All-Stars, LLC is committed to changing the landscape for our black communities on a local, national, and global level. 

We play on some of the biggest stages and are proud to partner with some of the world’s most esteemed brands across a diverse range of industries including sports, entertainment, and culture. 

To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities, email us at sponsors@hbcuallstarsllc.com

We create meaningful and memorable experiences that celebrate black history, black culture, and black excellence while bringing people together to appreciate their differences and unique contributions.

We partner with the best networks,  independent media organizations, and streaming services around the world to bring exposure to your company or organization. 

We focus on providing opportunities to our hard-working HBCU students. Our strong relationships with our HBCU students, staff, and administration gives us an advantage in recruiting qualified candidates in a wide range of industries, interests, and skillsets.  

We help you to foster a professional relationship with our HBCUs, source qualified candidates, and build a pipeline of future potential hires.

79% of Americans prioritize companies that support local causes when deciding who they want to see doing business in their communities. 

We believe in allyship and do our part to create a culture of inclusion through philanthropy. Our events offer an exciting opportunity to do something different while bettering our communities.

Your company plays a critical role in creating meaningful change, which benefits everyone—including you. Stronger communities result in more prosperous markets and a larger pool of workforce talent.  

We help your brand stand out by standing up for a culture of inclusion.

Our programs & initiatives are designed to showcase the best in black college sports & give our clients a competitive edge while giving back to our black communities. 


We invest in the futures of our student-athletes by providing the tools & opportunities that will set them up for success both on and off the court. 

• Athletic Training
• Media Coaching
• Career Transition
• Interview Prep
• Financial Literacy

Listening to a great speaker can be a transformative experience. Our diverse roster of entertainers, athletes, coaches, authors, activists, business experts and more are sure to captivate and inspire your audience.

We connect you with the best speaker for your event that will resonate with your audience and satisfy your bottom line. 

We provide innovative solutions to problems facing HBCUs through athletic programs.

We develop effective strategies that boost enrollment and retention rates while maximizing external revenue. 

• Coaching Recruitment
• L
eadership Training
• Departmental Reviews
• Marketing & Promotions
• Fundraising Strategies
• More



  • Media Relationships
  • Televised Events
  • Social Media 
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Our number one focus is providing Exposure, Access, Recognition (EAR) and Opportunities, Resources, and Results (ORR) to deserving, hard-working, talented, and ambitious HBCU student-athletes and outstanding coaches. 


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